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Fixed Income


Informed by our macro-economic outlook, we approach the market with an inherent value bias designed to reward investors over the long-term. How our outlook compares to market consensus is the starting point to model yield curve and sector positioning.

This proven methodology is consistent across the suite of fixed income strategies we offer, which vary on duration limits. Our managed fixed income strategies include:

  • Core Fixed Income
  • Long Duration Fixed Income
  • Intermediate Duration Fixed Income
  • US Strategic Balanced
  • Active Duration Fixed Income
  • Bond Plus

Our size allows us the nimbleness to take advantage of potential opportunities to add additional incremental yield that would not be as impactful for larger market participants.

As an institutionally-focused boutique, we offer further customization of our investment plan to incorporate the unique needs of our clients. This bespoke level of service extends to our reporting capabilities and availability of our Investment Team to advise and inform.


Value Approach: Weary of market exuberance, we rely on a reasoned assessment of the fundamentals that drive long-term performance.

Long-term and  Top-down: With a thorough macro-economic analysis of the US market, independent of consensus, we look to actively add value by respecting but not replicating its benchmark. Postures are adopted to take advantage of changes in risk premia in the market.

Principal Protection: We believe the fixed income allocation of a portfolio should only take on risk commensurate with potential reward, and investing only in those instruments where the risks are truly worth the rewards for our clients.


  • Sector Rotation
  • Interest Rate Forecasting
  • Yield Curve Positioning


For more information on our managed fixed income strategies, including performance numbers and pertinent risk metrics, please contact us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.